warhammer 40 000

space marines in suits on hill


how to paint

warhammer 40000 is a futuristic game in which the player collects an army of minatures and battles them with another players army.
each troop has it's own set of rules and the games can get complicated, so I hope this website will inform you a bit more about this amazing game.

getting started

choosing an army

the first thing you need to do before anything else is chosing an army.chosing an army is a difficult task and requires some thought.
to chose an army what you can do is hop on the warhammer websitewarhammer 40000. if you can't I have put some of my personal favourites on here.


  • space marines
  • tau empire
  • skitari
  • space wolves
  • dark eldar
  • eldar
  • chaos
  • orks
  • all of these armies have start collectings availible at your closest games workshop store or on line at the above link.

    how to start

    you can start in any way, but my favourite is to buy a start collecting.
    for an example I will be using the space marines start collecting set for $140 or 69 pounds.

    space marines in suits on hill


    space marines in suits on hill

    all of these are availible at a games workshop store.when you get home or to you designated biulding area open your set and lay each sheet out on the table or desk. at this
    point proceed to take out the tools and lay them out.to assemble each minature spend at least 15 minutes on that minature as it will make
    sure that it comes out the best it can.

    assembling minatures

    in the set you get a ten man tactical squad and a dread-naught.you may like to start on a tactical squad member(not the captian).
    before you even pick up pat of a soldier you need to consider what weapons to give your troops and what charter they will belong to. you can find a list of charters on the warhammer website or
    I have listed my favourties here.